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Ashlea Hegedus-Viola clubsasst at vmail.feds.ca
Tue Jun 1 12:40:18 EDT 2010

Hi Clubs -
Thanks for submitting your clubs packages and for all your enthusiasm 
for the Spring Term!

I've added your clubs contacts to this mailing list but if you have any 
other executive that would like to be included just let us know.  We'll 
use this list to pass on any important information that all clubs should 
know about.  On that note, please do not reply to this mailing list 
email address (your message will likely be held and we won't be able to 
respond to it properly). 
As always, if you have questions feel free to email, drop by or call 
Dave McDougall or myself (Ashlea). 

Here are a few event planning reminders and updates:

    * *Event Forms *- Submit as early as possible so we can ensure you
      get the bookings you need!  It takes us 2-3 business days to
      respond so keep this in mind as well.

    * *Booking a Projector* - The Feds projector is not booked until you
      receive confirmation from us; we charge $10 per use plus a $20
      deposit.  ITMS can alternately provide a projector but you must
      have the forms filled out and signed by Karl Kliewer in SLC 2126
      and submitted to E2-2350 at least 48 hours in advance; they charge
      $40 for entertainment-related events or no charge for general use
      / presentations.

    * *SLC Bookings *-  If you want to know about the availability of a
      room in the SLC before you submit an event form, click here:
      And a reminder that all July and August bookings on the main floor
      are subject to cancellation due to renovations happening in the SLC...

Have a great beginning of June!

Ashlea Hegedus-Viola | Clubs and Services Assistant
Federation of Students | University of Waterloo
519-888-4567 x38420 | SLC Room 2124
clubsasst at feds.uwaterloo.ca <mailto:clubsasst at feds.uwaterloo.ca> | 
www.feds.ca <http://www.feds.ca>
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