[Clubs] Weekly clubs mailout for a short week!

Ashlea Hegedus-Viola clubsasst at vmail.feds.ca
Mon Jun 28 16:04:31 EDT 2010

Hi all,
Some quick reminders for the coming week...

Since *Thursday and Friday are holidays,* any cheque requests for this 
week should be ready by next Friday, July 9th unless they were submitted 
by today.

And a note about *club finances *- the Feds accounting system is set up 
to make it easier for you to keep track of all your transactions.  If 
your executive need to be reimbursed for club expenses then submit a 
cheque request <http://feds.ca/docs/clubs/clubsChequeRequestForm.pdf>.  
Likewise, if you make money at an event or collect membership fees, 
bring them in to deposit into your club account. Easy as that!  At the 
end of the term we'll deposit up to $75 in your account provided you've 
spent up to $75 on (legitimate) club expenses.  If you want to know your 
club's current balance or just have questions in general, feel free to 
drop by and ask.

Have a great week and long weekend!

If you're in town for Canada Day, check out the festivities and 
fireworks on north campus: http://www.canadaday.uwaterloo.ca/
 Club events will be sent out next Monday.


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