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Wed Dec 19 11:24:55 EST 2018

Hello Clubs,


A couple days ago, Feds Commercial Operations announced the closing of
Bomber.  This will mean a significant logistical and planning issue for
clubs as many of you have come to rely on Bomber for events.


For those of you who have events booked at Bomber before the closure


Kurt, your VP Operations and Finance is working on a solution to try to
honour all bookings.


IN THE MEANWHILE: Assume your booking is cancelled, and pursue other options
for venues.  I would recommend reaching out to Fed Hall, WILFs/Turret at
WLU, or possibly other venues around town such as Stark and Perri, ACE Ping
Pong Lounge, Chainsaw, etc..


Commercial Operations will also be looking for input on what student needs
are, and as clubs you can provide valuable and significant input.  More
information on how to provide feedback will come.  Any specific Bomber
related questions can be directed to Kurt at vpof at feds.ca
<mailto:vpof at feds.ca> .


I will do what I can in my power to help mitigate any issues that arise from
this significant and sudden change.  


Jake Riesenkonig, MBA Candidate, B.Math
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