[Council] Feds Student Council Reimbursement of Travel Costs

Ben Balfour brbalfour at uwaterloo.ca
Thu May 29 11:36:51 EDT 2014

Hello Everyone,

The following email outlines how you can go about getting reimbursed for Council related travel.

***Please refer to the Feds Board of Directors Procedures<http://www.feds.ca/wp-content/blogs.dir/57/files/2012/08/Federation-of-Students-Board-of-Directors-Procedures-September-2012.pdf> and read procedure #7.  This procedure will outline what will be reimbursed and what can be claimed.

The attached document is a sample from and a blank Cheque Request.  Acceptable Proof of Purchase includes an itemized receipt depicting what was purchased.  NOTE: The receipt must have only items that are being expensed (i.e. separate bus ticket and food receipts)

Please follow these steps when filling out the cheque request form.

1.       Fill out all applicable sections

2.       Provide as much description/info as possible

3.       Line #1: Subtotal + 10% of HST

4.       Line #2: 90% of HST

5.       You do not need to fill in the Account Numbers, I will do that for you

The Cheque Request will need to be printed and mailed with the original proof of purchase to the following address.

Ben Balfour
200 University Avenue West
Waterloo, Ontario,
N2L 3G1
Student Life Center, Room 1102

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call or email.



Ben Balfour
Vice President Operations & Finance | Federation of Students | University of Waterloo
(P) 519-888-4567 ext. 33880| (F) 519-725-0992<tel:519-725-0992> | vpof at feds.ca<mailto:vpof at feds.ca>
feds.ca<UrlBlockedError.aspx>  |  facebook.com/uwfeds<UrlBlockedError.aspx> | twitter.com/uwfedsvpof<https://twitter.com/UWFedsVpof>

To Serve, Empower and Represent the Undergraduate Students of the University of Waterloo

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