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Chanakya Ramdev chanakyaramdev at msn.com
Thu Aug 20 12:01:54 EDT 2015

Hey Carly,

I really like the initiative but i believe we can make it even more awesome. 

-Empower in the first one is spelt wrong. 

-the you/your ones feel forced to me, not natural 

-possible suggestions: "your student union" //we already have it in our logo for SLC, so we keep the same message across and i believe that messaging is what we should have. Another could be "serve, empower & represent" //assuming we can fit it. Just having one and not the other two makes the messaging feel incomplete, at-least to me. 

Actually, what if we have the four as --"To Serve"/ "Serving You"
-"To Empower"/"Empowering You"
-"To Represent"/"Representing You"
-"Your Student Union"

What do you think?

Side note, I believe those banners provide a unique opportunity to connect Feds with our students, so awesome work !


Chanakya Ramdev 
Undergraduate Student Representative | University Senate
Engineering Councillor & member of Board of Directors | Federation of Students
4B Management Engineering | University of Waterloo
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> On Aug 20, 2015, at 11:04 AM, Carly McCready <camccready at uwaterloo.ca> wrote:
> Hi Council,
> We’re switching the banners in the SLC and I’d like your feedback. These are the banners that currently hang near Brubakers. There are eight banners in total, all of which currently out-of-date branded UWaterloo banners.
> With the changes, two will be the University ones that hang on University Ave, two will be Warrior themed, and four will be Feds themed.
> There are two different text options as well as two different design options.
> Please let me know which you like best!
> Thanks,
> Carly
> Carly McCready
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> To Serve, Empower and Represent the Undergraduate Students of the University of Waterloo
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