[Council] VPIN Council Report

Maaz Yasin-VP Internal vpin at feds.ca
Sat Jul 11 13:54:25 EDT 2015

Hi Council,

I noticed that my exec report wasn't part of the Council package. I have
attached it to this email.

Note that I will not be at the meeting tomorrow because I'm leaving the
country today to visit family. If you have any questions about my report or
about anything in my portfolio, please shoot me an email. I will be
accessing and responding to emails daily.


*Maaz Yasin*

Vice President Internal | Federation of Students | University of Waterloo

(P) 519-888-4567 x33780 |  vpin at feds.ca | twitter.com/uwFedsVPI
<https://connect.uwaterloo.ca/ecp/Customize/twitter.com/uwfedsvpi> |

Feds.ca | LinkedIn <http://ca.linkedin.com/in/maazyasin>
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