[Council] [Announcement] Appointments to Referendum Committees

ajdwray at uwaterloo.ca ajdwray at uwaterloo.ca
Mon Aug 22 15:06:44 EDT 2016

Good Afternoon Council,

The Board of Directors has determined the appointments to the  
Elections and Referenda Committee (ERC), the Elections and Referenda  
Appeals Committee (ERAC), and the selection of the Referendum Officer.  
These appointments are for the upcoming referendum in the Fall term.

Reba Nauth has been ratified as the Referendum Officer.

The following appointments were made to the ERC:
- Antonio Clarke (Councillor)
- Muhammed Tahir (Councillor)
- Neha Ravella
- Zenon Donaldson

The following appointments were made to the ERAC:
- Sacha Forstner (Chair)
- Matthew Gerrits (Councillor)
- Hannah Beckett

It is the opinion of the Board of Directors that these appointees are  
competent, unbiased and will deliver a fair referendum. All  
applications received were reviewed by the Board.

Contact information for the Referendum Officer will be shared prior to  
the beginning of the interim period. Please let me know if you have  
any further questions.


Alexander "AJ" Wray
Speaker of Council
Federation of Students, University of Waterloo
speaker at feds.ca
289 923 7569

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