[Council] Calling into February Meeting

Seneca Velling seneca.velling at edu.uwaterloo.ca
Sun Feb 10 12:31:30 EST 2019

 Hello Council,

Join Skype Meeting<https://meetme.uwaterloo.ca/fedsconf/PG0E472I>

Happy Sunday everyone!

To join our meeting at distance, please consult the attached document. Noting that it might be a little cryptic, here’s a quick summary:

  *   To join from a browser, click the hyperlink at the top of the page: “Join Skype Meeting”
     *   You’ll need to install a plug-in for your browser in order to join the call
  *   To join the call from a phone:
     *   Toll-free: 1-844-440-3522
     *   From KW: 1-519-888-4696
        *   To join via phone, you’ll also need to input the Conference ID: 5501472

Should you have any troubles accessing the call, please send me an email – I’ll be monitoring our emails for the duration of the meeting.

Thanks again, everyone, talk to you all soon!



Seneca J. Velling
Chair, Board of Directors
Secretary, Students’ Council
Federation of Students

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